invisibly but reliably connected

Always knowing what it is about enables us to make the right decisions.

At almost 70 years old we are a medium-sized company in its best age. We have the know-how and the experience to know what our industry is all about.

In our capacity as a wiring harnessing company, every day we produce absolutely reliable connections between electronic components. We know that in the aerospace world the smallest defect or error can have fatal consequences.

For many years know we have transferred our awareness of this to our business relationships. The contacts must be right if the whole is to function flawlessly. Good contacts to others are essential so that we are not only working together with our customers but also with the same goals.

Just like our products, we work reliably in the background. With total care, from a zero defect strategy up to the FOD measures of each individual employee. In this way we can guarantee that both we and your customers can concentrate on what is important.

reliable processes and products

Your requirements define our product.

The challenges in wiring harnessing in the aerospace world are as varied as they are demanding. Efficiency, weight and customer experience – for example, in the case of board cabin electronics; mood lighting or the ability to customize individually for airlines, are constantly being further developed. Add to these systems such as SHM or the requirements for advancing digitalization. The high data rates and EMC requirements here are also massively reflected in the connectors that are used.

We have made a name for ourselves through the production of individual, high-quality wiring harnesses in varying production quantities, everything from just one example up to full-scale series production. Here we can react flexibly to the requirements of our customers, all the way up to the production of AOG-critical products. This is only possible through the perfect interplay of processes and applied technologies, such as

  • automatic cutting to length and crimping
  • ultrasound welding
  • laser cable stripping and marking
  • micrographic analysis
  • high-voltage testing
  • 100% testing or
  • 3D-printed test adapters.

successful through safety

You must fully endorse quality to achieve reliability.

The success of a project is reflected in a number of details what must all fit together. The interlocking of various processes only functions smoothly if common quality standards are complied with. Here the purchasing of certified products reduces the amount of auditing and certification that we have to do and guarantees safety.

Quality, reliability and the resulting safety are the keys to long-term success, more than ever today.

Currently we are “on board” in around 9,000 Airbus aircraft.