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You must fully endorse quality to achieve reliability.

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Quality is not just a process for us, but a basic policy.

Established and validated processes with built-in quality assurance measures form the backbone of our modern production. A special production area has been set up in order to deal with special customer requirements concerning the need for silicone-free production. Product innovations and process developments are thus juxtaposed in a constant interaction. Please contact us for further information.

for the unpredictable

Just staying where you are is the biggest enemy of innovation and quality.

We have come to terms with the constantly changing requirements in the mobility sector in all kinds of areas since 1950. We developed ourselves from a purely sheet metalworking company to a highly innovative and flexible wiring harnessing company, that up until today has met the tough standards of the automotive industry.

We enhance for leading automotive manufacturers electronic modules in an ESD-protected area that was especially set up for that. Concretely, the individual components of a PCB sealed to be waterproof, for example.

In addition, over the years we have developed and patented various mounts and contacts, for example, for car tail lights.


success is certain

Your requirements define our product.

The success of a project is reflected in a number of details what must all fit together. The interlocking of various processes only functions smoothly if common quality standards are complied with.

Our many decades of experience in the automotive sector has made us a reliable and trustworthy partner for series production and after-market products.