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For us, partnership means mastering the challenges jointly and being successful together.

At almost 70 years old we are a medium-sized company in its best age. We have the know-how and the experience to know what our industry is all about.

Every day we ensure that we produce absolutely reliable connections between electronic components in our capacity as a company making wiring harnesses. The smallest defect or error can have fatal consequences.

For many years know we have transferred our awareness of this to our business relationships. The contacts must be right if the whole is to function flawlessly. Good contacts to others are essential so that we are not only working together with our customers but also with the same goals.

We continuously invest in good connections and regard ourselves as a partner that you can always rely on 100%.

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Your requirements define our product.

Flexibility, reliability and how are the basic requirements for survival as a supplier to the automotive industry. We assist you in all your processes from writing tenders and the creation of prototypes up to full series production level. It is entirely your decision whether we work merely to your specifications or take part in your development process.

Partial automation and systematic quality assurance are the keys to success when it concerns the many areas in which manual work cannot be avoided.

We have made a name for ourselves through the production of individual, high-quality wiring harnesses in varying production quantities, everything from just one example up to full-scale series production. This means that we can react flexibly to the requirements of our customers.

Apart from the main current standards, we also offer facilities such as cable overmoulding, cutting and clamping or protection against sprayed water.

successful through safety

Quality is not just a process for us, but a basic policy.

The success of a project is reflected in a number of details what must all fit together. The interlocking of various processes only functions smoothly if common quality standards are complied with.

Our experience ensures that we can take a broader view. We can spot potentials at an early stage and so can generate massive savings in time costs in production, but especially during installation on site at your premises.

Our assembling of wiring harnesses so that they meet the requisite needs and are easy to install not only has a positive effect on acceptance but also during subsequent service and maintenance work.