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Company history

Great efforts were made at the location in Lippstadt to extend its function as a development supplier. The capacity for the development of products was increased and the exchange of CAD data was implemented. In addition to cable groups the manufacture of plastic parts, sheet metal components and bulb sockets up to production standard was introduced. The restructuring of production into teams in order to introduce teamwork was introduced in parallel. The Purchasing and Sales departments, AV/AS and the QM department were also turned into groups working on a team basis by the end of 1999.

In 2000 and 2001 the company achieved a substantial increase in turnover, and the workforce of the subsidiary in Szekszard reached its peak of 185 employees at the beginning of 2001. Injection-moulded plastic parts which are included into wire harnesses have been produced in Szekszard since the end of 2000.

Despite the positive trend at the Hungarian subsidiary, it was not possible to ignore the fact that it was becoming increasingly difficult to operate at full production capacity at the headquarters in Lippstadt due to fierce competition in the industrial sector for cable harnesses. For that reason Lippstadt was converted into a service, engineering and logistics centre in 2002. Thanks to two new projects with customers Goodrich and Behr-Hella, who both operate in the high-tech-field, it was possible to prevent a complete shutdown of production in Lippstadt.

Due to the further expansion of the EU into Eastern Europe, the cost levels in Hungary are reaching the Western European standard due to further expansions in Eastern Europe. A third company was set up in Timisoara in Romania in order to keep the company competitive. This company was called “Jürgenhake Romania SRL”.

It started operations on January 1st, 2003. Costintensive products, especially for the automobile industry, were produced there.

Unfortunately, our proprietor and CEO, Dr. Ing. Bernhard Jürgenhake (Jr), passed away unexpectedly on March 7th, 2006. According to his last will and testament, his children Katrin Jürgenhake and Christoph Jürgenhake became the new proprietors of the company. Mr. Andre Russ took over the function of CEO.

In April 2009 production in Romania had to be terminated due to a severe slump in turnover. Today our focus is on production in Hungary and Germany.

In 2012 the entrance and social areas and the outdoor facilities of the company at the location in Lippstadt were modernized. In addition, the production lines at the location in Hungary were extended and the aerospace business continuously expanded.

Wir entwickeln und konfektionieren als Zulieferer seit Jahren erfolgreich Kabelbäume und Speziallösungen‚ schwerpunktmäßig für die Bereiche Automotive, Luftfahrt und Militär. Ob Losgröße 1 oder X-tausend, in unseren hoch effizienten Fertigungslinien produzieren wir mehrere tausend unterschiedliche Produkte. Dank eigens entwickelter Montage- und Prüftische sowie weiterer Qualitätssicherungssysteme, die wie in den laufenden Produktionsprozess integrieren, quasi fehlerfrei. Ihr Bernhard Jürgenhake, Andre Russ, Ingo Schaarmann

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Bernhard Jürgenhake, Andre Russ, Ingo Schaarmann


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